Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a pizza party cost?

Parties of 25 people or less costs $650.
Each additional guest after 25 is $17.00 per person. 
Parties of 100-­149 guests incur an additional labor charge of $125. 
Parties of 150 guests or more will need to contact us for additional pricing charges.
Applicable sales tax for your area will be added, as well as a 12% gratuity.

Travel fees are dependent upon the number of guests and the distance (over 25 miles) of your event location from Hyannis. 

How much is it if I have less then 25 people?
We charge for 25 people or less. So, for example, the price for 10 people is the same as the price for 25 people.

Are children full price?
For any guest under the age of 10 (beyond the first 25 guests are charged at a rate of $5.00 per child.
Children over the age of 10 are charged at a rate of $17.00 per person.  

What forms of payment do you accept?
Parties must be paid for in cash or check the day of the event.
Credit card payment is not accepted.

What is your maximum party number?
Each oven is able to service a maximum of 150 people. If you have more than 150 guests, you will need to retain services for our second oven as well. Please email us for pricing in this case.

How do I book a party?
Please complete a catering request via .

If the date I want is booked, do you have a waiting list?

When do you need to know our final count?
Ten days prior to your party, unless the change in count requires an additional oven (if available).

What time do you arrive onsite for our event?
Typically we arrive about an hour to two hours before our serving time.

Will there be a server for our event? 
Our crew size is based on the size of your event. Events of 25-­‐50 guests have a server included in the pricing. Additional servers are available for an additional charge. 

Do you provide beverage service?
We do not provide beverages, ice or drinkware. However, for an additional cost we can provide bartending services for beer and wine, but the customer would need to provide the beer and wine, ice and glassware. 

Do you travel off Cape with your ovens?
Yes. Our ovens travel all over Cape Cod and the greater Boston area.  We have even taken our ovens as far up as NH and far west as Rhode Island. However, travel beyond 25 miles from Hyannis incurs an additional fee.

What happens if it rains?
We work rain or shine and come prepared for the conditions. Should we encounter a rainy event day we have a 20x20 catering tent that covers our work area and the space immediately in front of our oven so that our crew is sheltered.

Can you bring pizzas in to us if our event is inside?
Yes, should your event be inside our server(s) will run all food in to the designated area for you and your guests.

Can you pull up to my garage?
We can pull up close to a building or garage, but we cannot pull inside because of our chimney.

Can you park in the backyard/on the lawn?
Yes, if the ground is level and firm enough we can position the oven wherever you like. However, please be aware that the weight of the oven is 4,000 lbs and must be trailered in to place with our catering van. Therefore, please use caution as to where you would like us to place our oven if you have a septic system, in‐ground sprinkler heads or a lawn that you are particularly proud of as we are not responsible for damage.

What size space do you need for the oven and your setup?
We need a space of about 20’x20’ for our oven, refrigerator unit and prep tables set up.

Is there anything I need to provide you with? 
We just need access to a standard electrical outlet for our refrigerator unit.

How are your pizzas served?
Our events are served buffet style. We bring a 6‐foot folding table with neutral light-­‐grey linens and some décor (by way of lanterns and wooden box staging) to set up as a buffet table for the food our server(s) will run. If you have a table or area of your own that you would like to designate for the buffet please let us know upon arrival.

What style of pizza do you serve? 
We bake authentic Neapolitan style pizzas in our 900‐degree wood fired Stefano Ferrara oven. Our pizzas are 12” in diameter and cut in to 6 slices per pizza. Neapolitan pizza has a varying degree of charring to it. This char on the sides and bottom of the crust adds a subtle layer of flavor and texture to the pizza. There is a careful balance of crust, sauce, and cheese. With Neapolitan pizza there is never too much of any one component. 

Do you offer gluten free pizzas?
Yes. Please make sure to request gluten free dough for your event. There is an additional cost of $4.00 per gluten free dough.

Do you provide plates, napkins, utensils? 
We use heavy‐duty white paper plates. If you prefer to use your own serverware that is fine too!

Do you have a restaurant?
Yes, our restaurant is located at 390 Main St. in Hyannis, MA.

Do you provide trash removal service?
We take the trash with us at the time of our departure. The exception being, if your event is a wedding you will need your own trash removal plan in place.